5 Ways In Which Permissive Parenting Hurts Children

Though hard to admit but the fact is that permissive parenting is not the best way of grooming the children and if a parent is doing so, they will end up harming children rather than leading to some benefit for the child.

  1. Children dictate the rules

If no limits are set, it is almost sure that the children will end up dictating the rules. It might seem as fun in the initial stages but it will turn into a serious problem in the later stages. The danger is that the child might fall in wrong hands and the parents will be mere spectators, in case they end up adopting permissive parenting, the child will definitely become a brat.

  1. Being overprotective affects their behaviour 

Permissive parents are often overprotective and the child behaves in the most irrational manner that one can even think of. Such children feel that the world is at their command and they can create any sort of problem and escape easily.

Since such children are overprotective, parents also do not take the initiative of scolding the child for any wrongdoing, with the end result being often disastrous for the parents and the children.

  1. Permissive Parents end up giving maximum rights in kids hands 

Even though if the parents do not wish to fulfil every desire of the child, they often end up giving the child everything they demand. The end result is that the child will never understand the value of hard work and will take life for granted. This situation will turn into a complication in the long run since the child will make unrealistic demands and will turn into a problem child.

  1. With more liberty, they are spoiled 

Yes, you heard it right! Children who have grown under permissive parents are an unsafe lot. This is due to the reason that such parents do not set up rules for the children and often tend to give them gifts and liberties that at times can also turn fatal for the child.

It is almost necessary to set up rules for the child from their young age else repenting would be the only way left for such parents.

  1. They end up becoming really disrespectful

Children who have grown under permissive parenting rules are often disrespectful towards their parents. Since such children have the habit of getting all their realistic and unrealistic wishes granted, it does happen that such children forget that parents need to be respected. Over time, this disrespectful attitude becomes a habit and parents have to suffer for the follies they had committed out of love for the children.

Permissive parenting might seem to be an order of the day but if this habit is not rectified in time, the consequences can always get serious. Take timely action and prevent the child from becoming a problem creator.

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