Why Do Women Develop Belly Fat After C-section & How To Reduce It?

At the end of your pregnancy you will be left with your beautiful princess or prince in your hands but along with it you will find yourself tired to the core and a flappy body, with the belly fat hanging which is a sign of your victorious journey of pregnancy. As you step towards the new journey of motherhood you should wear these changes with pride, because only a mother can go through all this. But getting back into shape and becoming fit is also an important thing to help your body recover. So today let discuss about how to reduce belly fat after c- section.

Why does one develop so much belly fat after delivery ?

During pregnancy our body’s goes through a lot of changes, starting from our abdominal muscles becoming lax and stretchy to accommodate our little munckin in there. All the connective tissue becomes stretchy to the core. The organs like the colon, the stomach, the sigmoid colon, all of them give room for the development of the baby. Along with the connective tissue becoming flexible and stretchy, the hormone surge in the body also makes the muscles loose and flabby. All these processes leads to the development of belly fat. The weight gain and hormones adds to the increase in the belly fat. After delivery the belly does not regain its original form immediately, it doesn’t become tight on its own. Some steps and measures are necessary to be taken to ensure the reduction of the belly fat.

Why is it important to reduce belly fat after C-section?

  • Motherhood is a great journey and an amazing feeling, but its important to gain self confidence and our old self back.
  • There is no harm in being the way you are but this extra belly fat may pose a way to other complications in the long term like hernia, prolapse etc,.
  • The stretch marks that you had developed during the pregnancy will not go away just by applying some cream or oil one need to re tone the muscle in order to get rid of them.
  • The hanging belly pouch may also hinder with the healing of the stitches and may pose a way to induce pain while you move around and perform your daily tasks.
  • The weight of the belly fat pouch will lead to improper posture and result in an inevitable back issue which will go with you a long way.

So in order to avoid these complications and complains its essential to take care of the belly fat while the matter is in our hands. Let’s find out how to reduce belly fat after c-section.

What are the top tips to reduce belly fat after C-Section?

Abdominal belts or corsets:

The doctor would prescribe you with the abdominal belt so as to enhance your healing of the c-section stitches, make sure that you use the belt whenever you are moving around and doing your everyday work. The belt keeps the belly pouch from hanging over the stitches; also it helps to re tone the muscle and tighten the muscle.

Recommended Abdominal belts available online:

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Keep yourself hydrated well

Water is one of the best way to detox and rejuvenate your body. Drinking a  glass of water as the first thing to be done in the morning may help to boost the metabolism and make yourself active and fresh. Warm water can also be used instead with a few drops of lemon which as has been a proven way to reduce belly fat. Apart from this keep drinking water throughout the day it helps to improve the flexibility of the muscle.

Massages could help too

Taking massages can help tone the abdominal muscle and reduce the pain of the back and abdominal muscles. But see to it that you take the massages from the professionals who are trained enough for that job otherwise an amateur masseur can cause other complications.

Start exercising

Many physiotherapists and health care professionals advice that one must wait for at least six weeks for the body to heal from the process of delivery and pregnancy after which one can start with basic exercises that could help with re toning of the muscle and reduction of belly fat.

Equipments that might help you get rid of your belly fat:

Avoid stress

Whatever the kind of stress it might be physical or mental can lead to prolonging of the reversing process. So all you need to do is keep yourself the mind and the body relaxed and enjoy your motherhood, ask for a helping hand and do not compromise on the hours of sleep. It is quite difficult with a new born at home but with a little indulgence of your loved ones and your partner it is definitely possible.

How to reduce the belly fat after c- section using exercises ?

These exercises are particularly meant for the abdomen and the back which will help the muscle recovery.


Lie straight on your back, flex both the legs to form a triangle. Now slowly lift your waist up and hold the position for ten seconds and relax, come back to normal position. Repeat the process at least twenty times.

Bridging exercise
Image courtesy: www.openfit.com/


Lift the leg straight from the hip keeping your knees straight too, maintain a forty five degree angle, count till ten and relax. Repeat the process for ten times separate for both the legs.

Image courtesy: Popsugar


Place a stool under your leg so that the leg is in 90 -90 degree position, now place the hands crossed over the chest, try coming up from the shoulders and touching your knees. Repeat the exercises for at least 15 counts.

Image courtesy: www.theepochtimes.com/


Lie down with you belly on the floor. Place both the hands on the sides facing upwards, now with your elbow still on the ground try lifting your body on your hand and forearm to form a plank position, maintain the position for ten seconds and repeat the process at least 15 times.

Plank position
Image courtesy: www.yogaasan.com/

Always discuss with your physiotherapist before starting the exercises as every individual body is different and every pregnancy is different. I hope these tips and exercises give you a brief idea of how to reduce belly fat after c- section.

Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                

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