Himalaya Diaper Rash Cream Review

Hello there, mommies. If you are reading this article, I assume you have this new little adorable toy in your live and you want to protect it from everything and give it nothing but the best. But diapers giving you a bit of a problem? Diapers can sometimes be hard on your baby’s soft sensitive new skin and rashes are a very common problem. The baby is irritated, cranky and uncomfortable all the time. You want a solution and rash creams seem to help. But which ones to choose? Which brand to trust? Are you having a hard time selecting the best for your precious newborn? Then this Himalaya diaper rash cream review is exactly for you!

We bring you a well studied and thorough Himalaya diaper rash cream review. This article talks in depth about what the product is, Himalaya diaper rash cream ingredients, it’s uses, benefits, safety and why you should choose Himalaya diaper rash cream for your baby’s diaper dermatitis.

Let’s begin by understanding this diaper rash cream.

About The Diaper Rash Cream

Himalaya, the most trusted company brings to you Himalaya diaper rash cream from its baby care range. This rash cream is 100% gentle, safe and researched. It is clinically tested and recommended by doctors for effective and safe therapy in diaper dermatitis.

Cost: You can get a 50g tube for just 120 MRP.

Cost effective, right?  Well, the goodness has just started. It comes in bigger packaging too. A 100 g tube is priced anywhere between ₹ 160.00 – ₹ 200.00. All higher packagings are priced accordingly. So you can pick the size that fits into your requirement.

Himalaya diaper rash cream review

The Himalaya diaper rash cream is not only free from harmful chemicals, Parabens, mineral oils and added colours but is also infused with the goodness and richness of herbs to keep your baby and its skin Happy and safe. It is also clinically tested to completely cure an irritant diaper rash in just a week.

But how is it so effective? What is the secret?

Himalaya diaper rash cream ingredients

The secret is the use of natural herbs which have absolutely no side effects on the skin and cure it gently. So let’s have a look on the amazing Himalaya diaper rash cream ingredients.

  1. The very first herb this rash cream contains is Nirgundi. Also known as the five-leaved chaste tree. It is well known for its analgesic properties and will help with the pain that is caused due to the irritant diaper rash.
  2. This rash cream also contains Manjishtha. It is the popular Indian maddar and none of us are strangers to the goodness of this herb. It is known to be an excellent antioxidant and the best part is it’s anti inflammatory properties. This will help heal your baby’s skin in no time.
  3. This special diaper rash cream has Kumari or our very own Indian aloe. Aloe has been for good skin since times immemorial for its anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties.
  4. Infused with the goodness of Yashad bhasma or zinc calx, this diaper rash cream will make an excellent antiseptic. The ingredient is Known for being an astringent and antimicrobial too.
  5. Well, how can the goodness list end without almonds! The Himalaya diaper rash cream has almond oil to keep the sensitive skin of your baby naturally soft.

With all these amazing Himalaya diaper rash cream ingredients and natural herbs you can be absolutely carefree that the Himalaya diaper rash cream is safe for the sensitive skin of your baby and will cause it no harm. In-fact it will heal the rashes, reduce the pain and soothe the sensitive skin.

Still want more reasons why you should choose this for your baby?

Benefits of using Himalaya diaper rash cream

  • This diaper rash rash cream has got an excellent compliance.
  • The Himalaya diaper rash cream is unlike any other rash cream available in the market. It will start to show effect from the very first use.
  • It significantly improves clinical manifestations of infantile diaper dermatitis in just 3 days! Now that’s exactly what you want for your precious baby.
  • This diaper rash cream is clinically proved to completely cure the dermatitis in just a week’s application.
  • It also relieves any papulovesicular lesions, fissures and erosions on your baby’s sensitive skin.

I got you covered in this Himalaya diaper rash cream review.

Author’s Opinion

What More can you possibly want? It is also recommended by doctors. Himalaya has the best baby care range and 98% doctors recommend it. So without a doubt, Himalaya diaper rash cream is the go-to solution for your baby’s irritant diaper rashes. This Himalaya diaper rash cream review covered absolutely anything and everything you were worried about. So go get it now and make your baby happy!

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