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This Cadbury Bournvita Ad Will Change The Way Parents Think

Cadbury Bournvita ad

The famous Cadbury Bournvita never goes wrong. It tastes well and it sells itself well too. The drink was first introduced in Australia 1933 while it reached India in 1948. Since then, they have gained a good reputation in the market by retaining the good quality in their product and of-course the way they position themselves in the market. Somehow, they know the art of building connect with their audience. They have been doing it from long.

They did it with this amazing advertisement before:

And they did it right, this time too:

This progressive Cadbury Bournvita ad is a perfect way of showing how parenting style needs to be changed. Parents should stop pressurising their kids. Having a perfect career for you kid is all you want, everyone knows that. No wonder parents are worried about how their kids are going to end up in future. You have all the rights but giving them no option to pick what they want to would not just spoil their present but will also leave them frustrated, which could worsen many of their future situations.

Choosing a career should be every kid’s own decision. It should not be important if they become a doctor or an engineer what matters the most is what they want to be.

With so much information available around, we must keep in mind that this is new age, it’s a really progressive generation who knows how to handle things and who also knows how to prove their point. This new generation has opinions and they also know how to express them, an example which is visible in this progressive advertisement.

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