In My Attempt On Trying To Be A Role Model To My Kids


Breaking the ice, when true motherhood sets in

Parenting is no pleasant ride in a car on a breezy day, it comes with its own twists turns and ups and downs. Being a good parent the hardest job one could ever do. There are some occasions that would love and cherish the most and some which you would have guilt about and wished it wouldn’t happen. I am a mother of a premature baby born with low birth weight and breathing issues at the beginning, there wasn’t a single day in the calendar that I wouldn’t curse myself for the suffering that my child was going through in the NICU.I was with her the whole time she was there, her tiny little hand was pricked and blackened with monstrous needles and a huge tube went through her nose, I would have just collapsed the first time I saw my baby this way but her sweet sparkling smile gave me a boost which kept me going all the way.

Being a good parent

Being the motherly shield

Then I decided that come what may I will be always there for my child as a role model, as mentor, as a friend and always her loving mother.I always wanted my girl to be the strongest sole that she already was in the NICU.

Being there for them always

When those tiny little eyes would stare at me with so much love and expectations, I wanted to be always there to fulfil them. But in today’s scenario being with your baby 24/7 is hardly impossible. You need to have a job to keep up with the toiling economy. So I make the most of my time when ever I am with her.

Little lessons learnt in action

My mother always used to quote “A person who loves and respects animals always respects other people”. I always teach my daughter to be friendly with all the animals, kindness begins from home, so we have two pet dogs at our place. My daughter loves being around them, they too treat her like her sister, the bond that they share is amazing.

Positive reinforcement

Apart from that we follow a rule of good job and bad job around our house, which includes keeping the toys in place as good job which earns her a golden star and a bad job accounts when there is mess around in her room which would earn her a punishment like no tv time.This keeps the household working smooth, there is no quarrelling around the house.I try to set an example by cleaning and organising my stuff that teaches her to that for her stuffs too.

Sometimes we learn too

But this perfection is not always possible sometimes you just loose your nerve and yell or end up hitting your kid and feel guilty about it too, but you must always remember that it was under a stressful situation and you try to mend it by explaining to the baby why whatever she did was wrong and why mummy had to be so harsh.

Cherish every moment of their childhood

Last but not the least always remember your child will be a kid only once, cherish their childhood and make this time the most memorable one, like pregnancy these to are different phases of being a parent so always enjoy every moment of it.

I remember the day when you came my way,

I will remember the day when you have your first say,

You will always be mama’s little baby,

No matter how big and strong you may be,

I will always be your private cheer,

And you will always have me never fear.

Mama will is so proud of you dear!!!!

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  1. Chitra says

    Heart touching…flawlessly written…being a mom to a litle girl myself i could relate to each n every word written…Loved d post..👍

  2. Arun says

    Well said Krutika!!! Hope all of us follows the same path…Cheers

  3. RBK says

    unique moments for every one in life specialist for mother

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