Why Your Kids Need Pencil Gripper? – 8 Best Options To Pick From!

During our childhood days, getting a pencil gripper was never an option. I am talking about 80’s-90’s time when times were different, when our parent’s would not allow us to go for convenient options. So, this might be the major reason why many parents won’t allow their kids to start using a pencil gripper. But, if you leave that reason aside for a second, you would realise that in a way, a pencil gripper can be an effective tool for your kids during their studies. Kids are already under a huge mental and physical pressure these days. This could be your way of helping them out. Yet, if you still don’t feel like, below are some advantages and disadvantages of pencil griper listed that will help you in taking an unbiased decision.

Why does your kids need a pencil grip?

Getting a grip on pencil initially and maintaining the habit of the same is difficult for the kids. So, by giving a pencil gripper to them helps them with:

  1. Improve the grip on the pencil.
  2. Reduce their mental pressure that is usually wasted on creating the grip.
  3. Reduce the pain triggered during the initial process.
  4. Helps in holding the grip for long.
  5. Improves handwriting.
  6. Different options of pencil grippers are available based on age group.

Some of the therapists these days have started recommending pencil gripper and often have their own favourite range along with proven facts.

When do kids need pencil gripper?

Usually pencil grippers are recommended at the preschool level. This is the time when kids are usually going to play schools and are already learning other set of activities so it’s an additional skill that benefits them in their coming days.

Pencil grippers are also used later that their preschool period for all the other reasons listed above.

What are the best pencil grippers options available?

Few of the recommended pencil grips are:

1. Pencil gripper jumbo

It’s one of the most recommended pencil grip jumbo and has been reported as being comfortable in use.

Advantages: Disadvantage
It’s cushiony as the size is bigger and helps in maintaining the grip of the thumb comfortably. But you need to make sure your kid holds it properly. It’s big size is sometimes a problem for some kids.

Pencil gripper

Last checked Price on Amazon₹ 349.00

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2. Stetro Pencil Grip

It’s similar to pencil grip jumbo but the size is smaller than it. It fits in the fingers well giving a better grip.

Advantages: Disadvantage
Once placed properly, the fingers get better grip Some people have reported that it’s uncomfortable
Stetro Pencil Grips

Current Price On Amazon: ₹1,900 

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3. The Pencil Grip Crossover Grip Ergonomic Writing Aid

It’s an amazing product that helps maintaining the natural physiology of the body. It provides 90% of coverage giving appropriate grip. It’s ideal for ergonomic writing. It can be used by both right hand and left hand users in their proper position.

Advantages: Disadvantage
Works well for both, right and left hand users.
Improves writing to a great extent.
 Only 2 parents reported that their kids struggled to catch hold of this initially.
Pencil gripper

Current Price On Amazon: ₹1,900.00

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4. Vibonsin Double-Finger Positioning Pencil Grip

It positions double finger and gives a perfect grip to the pencil towards the right side. The design looks great in look and is comfortable too. It’s made of silicone and the tenacity is also higher which makes it long lasting.

Advantages: Disadvantage
It can’t be broken easily Pencil grasps is perfect Comfortable to hold Fits well on crayons, pens, pencils and drawing tools It’s a new product, not many responses have been recorded yet.
Best pencil grip

Current Price On Amazon: ₹753.00

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Some more top options available online are:

Foam pencil gripper

This one comes in pack of 12. It’s straight in shape and is really comfortable to hold because of the foam.

Foam pencil gripper

Last checked price: ₹ 1,200.00

Shinny pencil gripper

This set of pencil grippers is designed by doctors as recommended by therapists. It’s perfect for both righties and lefties.

Shinny pencil gripper

Last checked price: ₹ 925.00

Soft pencil gripper

This one is very decently priced and you can get multiple colour options of this soft pencil gripper available in India.

Last checked price: ₹ 299.00

Gel pencil grip for kids

This gel pencil grip is soft and comfortable to use. It comes in 12 different set of colour options. Every colour will have a different shape so you can choose and use the one that is works for your child.

Gel pencil grippers

Last checked price: ₹ 720.00

So now you know the pros and cons of using pencil gripper. We hope the above listed options were good enough for you to choose from. Now, if you pick any of the above listed pencil grip for your child, do share your views with us in the comment section, it’ll help us get better in what we are doing.

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