Top 10 Swimming Pools For Kids That Can Be Accommodated At Home

Water play is loved and enjoyed by all, there is not age bar to it. One could spend hours in water and wouldn’t even know time passing by. During this times of corona pandemic it’s difficult for us parents to even think of taking our kids to public places let alone taking them out swimming. Whats the best option for outdoor pool is an indoor kids swimming pool. Parents might wonder whether it would be safe? Whether it’s worth investing in? Does it require a separate set up? Does the swimming pool for kids actually were the kids can swim or not? Let’s try solving these question at our hand and reach to a proper conclusion regarding kids swimming pool.

Why opt for indoor kids swimming pool?

Fear of water can go a long way through out life. Trust me I have been through it. Learning to swim was like a nightmare for me. I was terribly afraid of water. Even the words would do the magic and give me Goosebumps. Thus, I made it a point that my little one should master the art of swimming in a young age and she shouldn’t be afraid of it. What’s the best way to introduce alone time in water, having a swimming pool for kids right in front of your eye. So we wouldn’t panic about their whereabouts and we would visualise our babies having fun right in front of our eyes.

What are best swimming pool for kids that can be accommodated at home?

Let’s see what all options you have:

Something fancy: Intex dinosaur play centre

One of the most colourful and attractive swimming pool for kids with attached slide and play fountain with dinosaur theme. The kids can slide down the volcano and splash into the pool to feed the hungry dinosaur with colourful fin balls which are already included in the pack,  6 balls included. You can also attach a garden hose to keep the children cool with the palm tree spray and waterfall, both have a control valve to adjust the water flow.

Price range: ₹ 2,450.00 – ₹ 5,450.00

Intex dinosaur play centre

Something small but cute: Intex inflatable baby bath tub

This is a circular bath tub which can accommodate only your child in it, but he or she can have lot of fun sitting in the tub. One could even fit this tiny but durable pool right in the bathroom so filling it and emptying it would  be a hassle free job. Kids would love to sit in this kids swimming pool and play with their bath toys and have lot of fun.

Sizes available: 2ft, 3ft

Price range: ₹ 250.00 – ₹ 450.00

Intex swimming tub

Something for many kids together –  Coreblaze Kids Swimming Pool

This is bigger size pool which is about 5 ft tall and can be place in the terrace or the front porch. It accommodates may be a party of kids to hang out and have pool play. It has a pump to inflate the tub provided along with the set. It’s a very durable and steady material swimming pool for kids that would last for a very long period of time.

Price range: ₹ 1050.00 – ₹ 5450.00

Coreblaze Kids Swimming Pool

Something for all but in smaller size – Intex rectangular pool

This pool fits your need to fit in two or more kids,  its not a huge pool but is of a good size that can be accommodated at your home. Comes from the makers of sturdy swimming pools for kids. Its material is a very long lasting and durable kind. The benefit of fulfilling your kids play time and with the safety of this safe kids swimming pool.

Price range: ₹ 1050.00 – ₹ 1450.00

Kids Swimming pool

Something with added benefits: CocoRio Kids Inflatable Swimming Pool

This one comes with double quick hand air pump & 3 Nozzles for Beds.

So this pool comes with cool hampers too, the cute little squeaky toys will definitely make your kids want to have a bath time everyday. This swimming pool for kids is very easy to inflate and very easily portable and amazingly easy to use.

Price range: ₹ 1250.00 – ₹ 1550.00

CocoRio Kids Inflatable Swimming Pool

Something circular: Intex Underwater Pool for Kids

This one is of 6 ft height and comes in blue colour. This is an exact replica of how an actual swimming pool would look like. Thus, making it an elegant fit into the house. This kids swimming pool will give the kids a joy of having their own designer swimming pool which is at the comfort of their house and is pocket friendly for their parents.

Price range: ₹ 1350.00 – ₹ 1750.00

Intex Underwater swimming Pool for Kids

Something funky: Intex gator spray pool

What’s more fun than playing in a swimming pool, a swimming pool that also has a jet spray kind of set up. This pool gives a feeling of dancing in the rains. This has a very cute alligator design which makes the appearance quite out standing.

Price range: ₹ 1950.00 – ₹ 2750.00

Intex gator spray pool

Something of the seas: Intex sea turtle shade pool

This kids swimming pool is shaped like a dome with the sea turtle on the top with its legs as the pole of the pool. Very brilliant and unique design,  very eye catching for the kids. They would love this sea turtle themed swimming pool very much.

Price range: ₹ 750.00 – ₹ 1050.00

Swimming pool for kids

Something that is so much fun for kids: Intex Candy Zone Play Center

This swimming pool for kid is like a huge play zone. It can be used as a normal play area too even without water. With water it takes the experience to another level. Quite tall and sturdy design, very spacious for the kids to play in.

Price range: ₹ 1250.00 – ₹ 6050.00

Intex Candy Zone Play Center

Something for the family: Intex swim centre Family lounge pool

This pool is more of for the entire family. Kind of swimming pool lounge set up with spray and room to rest your head and arm. This pool gives the feel of a water spa to the adults and the feel of theme park swimming pool to the kids. When family time can be made fun with this huge swimming pool that can fit right into your house then why not?

Price range: ₹ 2250.00 – ₹ 5050.00

Family swimming pool

Water play improves the kids core muscle strength and also improves their sense of coordination. It is very essential to develop the skill of tackling one self in water. So folks what are waiting for choose a swimming pool that best suits your needs and gift it to your kid right away.

Happy parenting!!!

Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                 

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