Story Of This New Single Mom Will Bring Tears In Your Eyes

When a woman sets on the journey of being a mother, she always expects a strong support to always be with her. From the day she sees the test positive at home to the day when she hears the first heart beat of her unborn baby, every moment is magical. But these moments become a million times more cherish able if you could see the same emotions in your parents eyes too. Life is always unpredictable; we cannot even predict the events of our never very second. Thus, sometimes in life there comes a phase were we lose our partner, may be to some tragedy, may be we choose to leave them behind, or may be they are far away from us.

Today I am going to narrate a story of a new single mother, her struggles and her strength and determination.

The tough times

It all began when the tests came out positive, she ran towards her husband full of joy in her eyes and expectation of a loving hug. But little did she know that she had woken a monster in her partner. The husband started being aloof to her. Didn’t take her to her doctor’s visits, never bothered about her wife’s need, always claimed that he was busy with office work and that this extra work was necessary for the baby’s future. As days passed the wife was being slowly pushed into solitude and soon her fate was to be a lonely new single mom.

The road got even tougher

She was sent to her mother’s place for her delivery, she had no idea about the intentions of her husband. He started caring even lesser now, he wouldn’t ask about the whereabouts of his wife or the baby. Until one day when the wife found out about his affairs, which was the reason of his late night works and irresponsibility. The arm that once held his wife with so much love and care was now a happy place for some other woman. The even doesn’t end there, she gets pushed into pregnancy complications and delivers a pre-term baby. Now, without a husband by her side and a baby that need his mother so badly, the new single motherhood starts to set in. She had to take the most toughest decisions of her life, whether to be with the baby or to struggle to get her husband back. But chooses her baby before everything in this world, there was a reason that god has gifted her with such a beautiful baby and the birth of whom resulted in revealing the true colours of her husband. Being thankful to the baby she started her journey of a new single mom.


Being a single mother doesn’t only come with tons of responsibilities of the baby but also the numerous doubts and questions about the future of the baby and the righteousness of the decision taken by her mother. She would always be asked why are you raising your baby without her father, a child needs both his parents, what will the society say, how will her future be. These questions start haunting her day and night. Now, the only goal of her life is to raise the baby as the strongest parent, that she never ever has to suffer the feeling of missing out on having a father, every decision of her life revolves with the fact that how will it affect her baby. From being financially strong to facing the society with pride and no regret about her decision makes her the strongest new single mom. Of course she misses her baby when she away to earn for their living but there is no one in this world that would love the baby so much as her. Life has its own way of being bitter and sweet; when the bitter times pass the sweetest of the days arrive. Hoping for the brightest day in her life the mother fights the challenges every day and tries to become the best mother for her child. Being neglected by her husband, getting abandoned by him like she was just an object for him, delivering a baby which was pre mature adds to her guilt, after being a strong single woman who was independent and free willed, she trusted a man and he shattered her dreams. So, the decision of hers to be a new single mom comes after lots of thoughts and hundreds of sleepless night, it’s not the decision she took on just a as an act of the moment.


Thus, if you see an independent single mother next time, don’t judge her decision or be vary of her character and thoughts, it’s what she has gone through that has led her to this decision. If you cannot be supportive to her just don’t be judgmental about her, it would help her a lot.

Life gave me a big fat blow,
My mind body and soul became slow,
The was no life or energy that flow,
But smile and laughter of my baby made me glow,
It makes me live it makes me strong,
Will never let anything happen wrong !!!
Dedicated to all the single strong and determined mothers out there.

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Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                 

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