Top 10 Stretch Mark Creams Recommend By Experienced Moms

Along with the pregnancy glow, amazing hair that a women gets during her pregnancy she is also gifted with a black mark through her belly along with stretch marks around. As far as one would try to avoid the stretch marks it decides to appear anyways. One thing my doctor always recommended was to get back to exercise as soon as possible to avoid making these marks a permanent one. Along with that he suggested a pregnancy belly cream which worked wonder. So basing on the research I did with some mommies and the recommendation of the doctor I have jotted down here a few best pregnancy Stretch Mark Creams.

Pregnancy Belly Creams for Pre delivery application

Partially natural – Mederma stretch marks cream

Many mothers through my pregnancy recommended to use mederma stretch marks cream, they suggested that it had no side effects on the skin and would avoid stretch marks as much as possible. And once you do develop stretch marks it will act as a very good pregnancy belly cream. I did some product research and to my surprise there were a lot of positive feedbacks about the product. It comes in gel base made from onion extract and it actually turns the skin lighter as quoted by a mom who had been using the cream herself. So far on basis of product description by moms and their views I would say one can definitely give it a try.

Mederma Pregnancy Belly cream

Current price of Mederma Skin Care, 10g:  ₹ 405.00

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All natural pregnancy belly creams

There are many natural pregnancy stretch mark creams available in the market today, but one of my friend gifted me mom and co. stretch mark cream which also can be used right from your pregnancy days. It’s an all natural product and comes with combination of natural body oil and body cream. It enhances the moisture in your skin and makes it rejuvenating and supple. Because of it all natural ingredients it also provides prevention of itchy due to too much oiliness and keeps your skin moisturised for long.

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Pregnancy Belly Creams for Post delivery application

Palmer’s coco butter formula  – Massage cream

Palmer’s coco butter formula is a massage cream for pregnancy belly stretch marks. It’s a coco butter based formula which targets mainly on the elasticity of the skin. After the pregnancy our belly loses its moisture and it is at its peak of elastic limit. Thus, coco butter formula which is mainly fatty acid which improves the elasticity of the skin and it form a protective umbrella over the skin which helps the skin retain its moisture. Coco butter also has an advantage of having phytochemical compounds found in various vegetables and fruits, it helps prevent skin damage. So, with these benefits this pregnancy belly cream also earns a rank of being the Stretch Mark Creams pregnancy in the market.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream for Stretch Marks

Current price of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream for Stretch Marks, 125g/4.4 oz: ₹ 405.00

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Along with the skin care products one must always remember the not only the skin but also the muscles underlying the skin has been under tremendous stress throughout the pregnancy and they too have been stretched out to maximum. Thus, it won’t help to take care of the skin alone we also need to care for the muscles. That could only be done with some or the other form of exercise. So the skin product and the exercises will work collaboratively to help regain your old skin and tone of muscle.

Happy parenting ladies!!!

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Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

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