Importance Of Self Care For New Moms

The strongest sword in the battle is not the one which is constantly being used but the one that is being used and taken care of. All the new moms will definitely relate to this, dealing with a new born baby is no less than a battle, diaper changing alone for instance is the most sweating task that once you get it on you feel you have one. But the next second your baby spoils it, and then you go through the same procedure all through again. Doing all these tasks many woman forget to take care of themselves. Self care for new mom is as essential as breastmilk for babies.

Yes ladies, I am serious.

Post Pregnancy Complications

Back problems post pregnancy

Increase in back pain

One the most common issue that woman face post pregnancy is back aches. This is a a result of no self care in new moms. As a physiotherapist, I come across many case with low back pain and majority of which are women who have been having back ache since the birth of their child and it was never dealt with and at last when the pain and symptoms are at its peak they cry out in suffering.

  • Exercise helps in healing

The most important self care for new moms is a few mobility exercises for their backs, it can be started as early as second day in normal delivery and eighth day in caesarean delivery. It involves getting on your foot and walking as early as possible. It reduces the harms that can happen to your back during the time when you are on back.

Neck & shoulders are the next affected areas

The next most affected part of the body of a new mom is the neck and the shoulder. Owing to the now increased weight of the breast and constant stoop posture during pregnancy and breastfeeding the pain in the shoulder sets in. And mark my words some woman get so used to this stooped posture that they never correct it and years later when the bones give way it becomes very difficult even for the doctor to correct it. The easiest self care for new mom in this scenario is to just use a nursing pillow. It has no side effects, keeps your baby safe and happy also ultimately is very good for your back and shoulders.

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Stretch marks are painful

Apart from being a cosmetic flaw it also has painful symptoms. The muscle in and around the stretch mark also becomes weak & starts to pain. Women who undergo c – section have more trouble with the stretch mark as well as the stitches. The important self care for new moms is to get back to your normal routine as soon as possible. Start with your daily household chores, at-least try and take a brisk walk or stroll with your baby. This will help the core muscles to regain its lost strength and it won’t let the muscles to sag even more.

Mood swings can be destructive but you can save yourself

Normally, everyone around the new mother forgets the fact that the lady who has newly delivered a baby also is a human who has gone through a lot and needs a break from all the societal norms and rules, the bombarded of advices and taunts takes a toll of her and thus makes her emotionally unstable. This leads to post partum depression. Ladies, you need to be aware of this situation, the self care for new moms who are going through depression is very must.

Tips to deal with pregnancy mood swings:
  • Try to embrace the situation, talk to your confidant.
  • If the situations are troubling you, take breaks and leave for a breathe of small air.
  • Write something, read a book it takes away all the stress.

Self care is a must care,

Body has already done it’s fair share,

Now it’s time for you to pamper

Your body with all the possible hamper!!!

Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                 

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