Top 5 Challenges Every New Single Mom Has To Face

Motherhood is a ride with many twists and turns, bumps and loops ahead. Everyone goes through different journey. Everyone faces different kind of challenges, but challenges are a part of the journey. And when the members in the team playing are less the challenge becomes even more severe, this making it far more interesting. But the fact remains whether we take these challenges positively or let them take over our emotions.

Your focus is to become financially stable which makes you  miss out on their first words

Being a single mom sometimes it becomes our whole and sole responsibility to take care of the baby and her needs. May it be financial, or emotional or anything else. So in such scenarios being the only one the challenge of new single mom becomes to earn and also to be there for the baby. But when you are fulfilling the financial needs you always have the fear, fear of missing out your child’s first words or their first step or for that matter anything that the child may learn for the first time. You have to leave the child behind a family member, or at a day care, this is the greatest challenge of a new single mom.

You’re insecure that your kid will love the nanny more than you

Many parents especially new single moms face this challenge, when the leave their child with someone like a nanny or day care or grandparents, the mother often feels that the baby will forget about her and love her care taker more. It gives a feeling of insecurity to the mother and it’s the most heart breaking challenge for a new single mom. But ladies remember one thing about the babies, they are born with certain instincts, they can cry without tears, they can swim immediately when they are born and the most important of all is that they born only knowing their mother. So no matter what happens your baby will always come back to you.

Taking them to doctor or making them study, everything’s to be done by yourself

When it comes to being a single either staying completely alone or with relatives, it becomes her duty to take care of the baby, the house, her career and boundless other things. Scheduling the child’s vaccination schedule, taking her on doctor’s appointment, keeping track of office work, buying groceries for the house, handling all this can sometimes be overwhelming. But the challenge here for the new single mom is how she handles these situations. And believe she must have found a new confidence and self confidence after being a mother. Life gives you lemons, so make lemonade out of it and enjoy your sip!!! This is one of my favourite quotes which I always remember, and it helps me through difficult times.

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You have to be answerable for yourself

When it comes to being a single mom in our country, she is always under the radar of the neighbours and the society. Apart from tackling her everyday challenges she also has to tackle these problems. The biggest challenge for a new single mom is answering the questions as to why is she single, what are her husband’s whereabouts, she must be single because her husband is abroad, or she might be divorced or must have lost her husband. But whatever the situation may be she doesn’t owe anyone any kind of answers, so ladies instead of circling around these negativity such ask them a simple question , ‘ if you are so concerned give me a hand with my baby, if not then please back off’. This helps to push away a lot of unnecessary crowd and saves time for the actual deal.

Life is a long road ahead,

Sometimes we might feel betrayed by it as said,

But always remember every day comes to and end,

And soon the sun rises again,

If you are having a gloomy day,

Just look at your baby and say,

Baby mama is here for you,

The magic will then show,

Everything ahead will on your feet bow!!!!

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Dr. Krutika Kumaresan

Dr.Krutika. Kumaresan MPT is an Adult and Paediatric neuro therapist.                                                                                                                 

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