Top Reasons Behind Stretch Marks & How To Deal With Them?

Dealing with stretch marks is one of the basic issues for women, which occur not only because of the pregnancy but many other reasons as well. Usually stretch marks are a result of hormonal changes in the body but some of them occur because of the rapid increases in size and weight too. This ensures that almost all pregnant women will experience them to some degree. Scratching causes stretch marks myth which is doing the round has nothing to do with pregnancy. There are other reasons to it.

Stretch marks are common in certain circumstances:

  • Most women get stretch marks although their pregnancy period because development of the baby inside makes the skin stretch in numerous ways.
  • Stretch marks sometimes appear when you rapidly gain or lose weight. Growing children also face the issue of the stretch marks and may notice upon their sudden growth.

Scratching causes stretch marks myth has been going around but it’s not true. In most cases, occurrence of stretch marks is because of gaining weight, gymming, loose and tightening of skin then consider to exfoliate and moisturise your skin particularly belly, hips and thighs. You can even try dry brushing to remove dead cells. Exfoliation can help clean up the dry and dead skin from the belly so that the oils and serums are able to moisturise those cracks better. So, try and exfoliate your belly.

In men, wearing underwear at night has considered to be a common cause. Scratching causes stretch marks myth has been proved by other common reasons like aroused irritation, pressure on the testicles, increase stretching marks of the elastic, scratching caused by the static current.. accumulation of bacteria around the genitals.. and so on and so forth.

Here are some reasons of Stretch Marks :

  • Genetics: If your mother has stretch marks there are high chances you will get them. If your mother’s skin faces the issue of Stretch marks during her pregnancy then it may chances that you also have same problem.
  • Age: If you are a teen mum you will probably get stretch marks. This is because your hormonal puberty changes might interfere with the pregnancy.
  • Normal weight gain: If you normally gain and lose weight quickly than others around you.
  • If you already have stretch marks because of puberty changes you might get them during pregnancy too.
  • You have excess amniotic fluid. Don’t worry if this is just another term you don’t know. It’s okay to have it in excess. You will lose all of it after your delivery.

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Dealing with stretch marks

1. There are some evidences that prove topical treatments are successful in preventing stretch marks from the root cause yet they aren’t considered as the best measure. They have been proved helpful in cutting down the severity of scarring in some cases.

2. On the other, if stretch marks are large, your best bet should be laser based treatments but only at the time of early stages as the haemoglobin in the blood assist to absorb laser light heat which then changes into the nearby blood vessel tissue without scattering.

3. Use stretch mark creams specially made to be used during pregnancy. They have been proved quite helpful in coming through.

Some options of stretch mark creams for pregnancy are:

Or you can always look for more options available.

People who have scars and stretch marks are real people too and they’ve either gone through a growth spurt, pregnancy, had a rough upbringing that brought them those scars, ate too much due to whatever reason, bottom line is people who criticise others for letting their history show are insecure and worry that someone else will be critical of their own body’s quirks and marks. They will see you unapologetically owning your body and will know you’re fierce and confident.

Bottom line: It is not necessary that only through scratching you can get stretch marks there are many of the reasons having the stretch marks .

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